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This meadow-inspired garden was once just an expanse of lawn. We brought our design sensibilities to bear on its edges to serve two purposes for our client: 1. scale back on required lawn upkeep and 2. create a beautiful, low-maintenance flower garden for year-round interest.


Taking cues from the famed gardens of Dutch plantsman Piet Oudoulf, we sought to achieve our client's objective with a dynamic and rich array of textures and colors using primarily perennials and grasses.


The ebb and flow of of the perennial lifecycle ensures that spring bulbs and summer-flowering plants put on a compelling display during Richmond's growing season, while rock boulders and evergreen groundcovers provide structure and interest throughout the beds during periods of dormancy.

Location: Richmond, VA

Design: Meddō

Installation: Meddō

Photography: Jud Froelich

Text: Evan Froelich

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