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This meadow-inspired garden was once just a patch of grass. The removal of this stretch of lawn served two purposes for our client: 1. reduce the amount of lawn maintenance needed and 2. the opportunity to create a beautiful and low-maintenance garden.


The gardens of Dutch plantsman Piet Oudoulf, were highly influential in the design of this project. Creating a dynamic and rich array of textures and colors, using primarily perennials and grasses was one of the major objectives.


As the perennial life cycle ebbs and flows throughout the year, certain features such as the rock boulders and evergreen ground covers provide year-round structure, while spring bulbs and summer-flowering plants ensure a compelling display throughout the seasons.

Location: Richmond, VA

Design: Meddō

Installation: Meddō

Photography: Jud Froelich

Text: Evan Froelich

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