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meddo garden install project
Built to connect plants & people.

meddō is a landscape design & install firm based in Richmond, Virginia.

We create gardens that aim to inspire, heal, and connect people more deeply with nature. 


We ground our designs — large or small — in problem solving and context. We work closely with clients to identify opportunities or challenges, and consider unique historical, topographical, and climate conditions, all while drawing appeal from the type of space our clients seek.


We return to environmental stewardship, always. We look for ways to apply regenerative landscapes like meadows, native plantings, and food gardens.


meddō promotes creativity, innovation, and play. We recognize that working and living among plants can powerfully affect our mental and physical wellbeing.

We invite collaboration, and we offer hands-on education and consultation when requested. We specialize in design and installation. Other services include maintenance of fine gardens & containers, custom fabrication & light carpentry, as well as indoor plant styling & care.  

meddō's founder and principle designer is Evan Froelich. Our team includes Sarah Gantsoudes, Cam Jacobs, and the many collaborators that make our work possible.


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