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At a charming artists’ home near the Carillon, the gravel parking area needed help. This was a high-visibility space, stretching along one side of the property and facing a neighborhood street, but it did not invite one to linger.  


By transforming this everyday space, we wanted to impact the homeowner’s routine. We focused on a singular moment — the moment of arriving home — and designed the garden to elevate life’s daily atmospheric entry, easing one’s transition from “out there” to “in here.” To accomplish this, we chose to prioritize inspiration, without sacrificing function.   

Improving the parking area’s sloped edges, and creating fertile bed space, came first. Next, we collaborated with our creative clients on a palette of evergreen and tropical foliage plants. Our selection leaned into a colorful, wish-you-were-here vibe, while still incorporating fail proof Virginia natives. Weeping pines rounded out the look.  

To anchor the space, we installed a custom bench, made with hefty cedar posts tied to a fieldstone boulder. The cedar will age to a silvery patina over time. This new seat welcomes you to stay and chat with neighbors, tie up your running shoes, or simply pause to soak up all the restorative plant energy.

Location: Richmond, VA

Design: meddō

Installation: meddō

Bench Fabrication: Patrick Walraven

Photography: Erick Picard

Text: MA Williams

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